State Zero, Samples

The following samples are recorded directly off the instrument without: effects, overdubbing, EQ, or other processing.

Acid Bass: continuously variable portamento time, overdriven feedback path for resonance, filter decay LFO, S&H filter cutoff.
FM Bass: 2 operator FM bass, light ring modulation from 3rd oscillator, no filter.
Formant Pad: envelopes as formant oscillators, ring modulation, stereo detune + phasing, no filter.
Pad: stereo sawtooth symmetry modulation, detuning by scaling, no filter.
Big Strings: detuning by scaling, ping-pong feedback stereo filter.
Male Voice: 3 untuned (formant) oscillators synced to master.
Cheese: 6 operator DX-7 type "FM" synthesis, manual tweaking of decay time, no filter.

These compositions are tracked and mixed on an 02R:

Powder Plains: State Zero + dDS for drum sounds.
Afloat: State Zero used for all sounds including percussion.

State Zero