Housed in a diminutive 1RU casing, this device has the characteristic controls of an analog synthesiser but with MIDI control and patch memory.

Two linkable channels are provided, one based on a sine wave oscillator and the other based on a red noise source. Along with more easily recognisable controls are two unique features; a constant power filter on the noise channel for full bodied frequency sweeps, and a variable amplitude curve on the tone channel for compression effects.

The controls, from left to right:

Tone Section
  • Attack Level
  • Pitch
  • Pitch Envelope Depth
  • Pitch Envelope Decay
  • Distortion Drive
  • Amplitude Envelope Curve
  • Amplitude Envelope Decay
Noise Section
  • Filter Center Frequency
  • Filter Width
  • Decay 1
  • Decay 2

All of the controls are available for automation over MIDI, for more details see the manual.

A short audio demo is available here, it is a single pass recording of a pair of dDS units fed into a Yamaha 02R mixer to provide EQ and Reverb. All automation in the recording was done on the dDS.