The revolution in live sequencing, now works in both directions. The Syncz device allows sequencers to be stopped and started at any time while keeping both perfectly synchronised.

Perfect in cases where a sequencer requires you stop it to load or change tracks or samples. Syncz connects in the midi stream between the output of the master clock source and the input of the slave. It also has a midi thru for any other gear running off the master clock source.

Designed purely with a live environment in mind Syncz allows software such as Ableton Live/Cubase/Logic/Reason to reach its full potential for live work.

Operation couldn't be simpler, the entire unit is operated with only a single button and a bicolor LED. The LED flashes at the start of each bar to indicate the sync is being Received; yellow while stopped, and green while running. To start the slave sequencer you press the button, arming the device, the LED goes red and on the next bar the slave sequencer starts in perfect sync. To stop you again press the button, arming the device, the LED goes red and at the end of the bar the slave sequencer will stop.

The master sequencer can be stopped at any time without affecting the operation of the slave, even turned off and unplugged if required. Syncz devices will maintain a steady clock in the absence of a master. Starting the master again Syncz will realign the two clocks seamlessly and without interrupting the operation of the slave, and reduce the jitter on the master clock as demonstrated here.

Two Syncz outputs are available, one midi and one sync 24 (dinsync). There is also a midi thru and a 16ths note clock output.