Eurorack Scaleable Power Supply

Addressing the challenges of powering the diverse array of different eurorack modules available the scaleable power supply boards provide a dependable source of power for systems small or large. Including protection for reverse connection of all inputs and outputs it is easy and safe to assemble your own power supply that matches the size of your case and power requirements of your modules. It can grow with you as your needs change by connecting more bus boards with their included cables.

power supply bus board

To allow scaling of the system to arbitrary sized cases the scaleable power supply uses isolated regulators which separate the noisy power distribution from the 0V reference which all signals rely on to be noise free. The analog supply rails are also filtered locally to minimise noise and the isolated regulators for each rail on each bus board prevent crosstalk between them.

Carefully selected switching regulators have been combined with conservative design that includes controlled ramping of all the rails and additional power headroom to turn on large startup loads. Importantly switching regulators allows a small physical size, low weight, and high efficiency to reduce heat generated inside the case. This is all without compromising on noise performance while introducing its new benefits.

For details of the technical benefits of this power system and measurements of its performance:

Further details and the full specifications are available in the manual, older revision here.